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Pil Pilcal Pet Feed Supplement Syrup 200 ml

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Rs. 105.00
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Pilcal Pet provides calcuim phosphorus, vitamin D3 along with other nutrients to compliment normal balanced rations for dogs and cats. Pilcal pet contains most easily absorbed from of calcium, i.e calcium gluconate. Puppies and Kittens, nursing and pregnant bitches and cats have increased calcuim requirements and often need calcuim fortified feed supplements such as Pilcal Pet to maintain growth & health.

Each ml contains 
Calcuim Gluconate 325.6 mg+ Phosphorous 162.8 mg+ Vitamin D3 1600IU+ Vitamin B 12 20 mcg+ Potassium Chloride 250 mcg+ Sodium Chloride 250 mcg+ Magnesium Sulphate 10 mg+ Manganese Sulphate 1000 mcg+ Zinc Sulphate 15 mg+ Folic Acid 50 mg

Pilcal Pet Syrup: 200 ml
Pilcal Pet is exceptionally palatable and can be mixed with food or water and can given to the pet.

  0 Out of 5 Star

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