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Cat Scratching Pad

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Protect your furniture from being scratching The cat scratcher corrugated board has one specific function, after their smell has spread over the board, they'll even prefer to do so there, and on the cat's claw board, put a little bit of catnip, cat will more like this to the cat scratching pad Your Cat's Best Corrugated Cat Board Scratcher and Instinct Reliever This Corrugated Cat Board Scratcher is the perfect feline tool for two of their basic needs: scratch and play. Not only it has a nice and safe curvy platform for them to play or lay on, but superior design that provides endless opportunities for cats to play, flex and stretch its body. It’s the perfect feline product with which they can sharpen their claws on the scratching surface instead of on your things, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts.


  • SATISFY CAT'S NATURAL SCRATCHING INSTINCTS - Cats love to get their claws into almost anything, and this cat scratching toy by Pets Friend will satisfy those natural instincts and provide hours of scratching fun.
  • DURABLE SCRATCH BOARD - This scratch toy by Pets Friend is made from strong corrugated paper. This scratchboard will last for a very long time because of its unique wave design, which allows cats to scratch without actually tearing it apart.
  • COOL WAVE DESIGN FOR LOUNGING - The awesome wave design actually doubles as a great place for your cats to stretch out on, they will love lounging about on this textured surface.
  • THE PERFECT SCRATCH - Ideal for healthy claws maintenance, exercise/muscle toning and stress relieve. Curves makes scratching easier and more comfortable, being also a nice place to rest.
  • AVE YOUR HOME FURNISHING - Fed up of shredded curtains, tattered sofas and worn out carpets? Save your furniture and home ware by providing your cat with this ultimate scratching surface.

Note: Color May Vary Depending Upon The Stock.

  0 Out of 5 Star

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